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The BrimTier Chronicles series

     Iain Daniel Bryce has been called the Robin Hood pirate by some because he steals from them that's got and gives to them that don't. He and his crew have found themselves having to fight for what they believe in and deal with being heroes and criminals at the same time.

The word BrimTier is a synonym for the space frontier - the last true frontier. By 2160, Earth had became the utopia everyone prayed for, disease and war becoming only brief passages in medical and history books, but this paradise lasted for only about fifty years then the truth of the situation became too much to dispute. It was finally admitted, though it caused more than a fair few tribulations, that this paradise hid an acrimonious side; without disease and war the death rates dropped while the birth rates continued to climb, at an alarming rate, meaning a great population boom. This forced us to move out into the stars. Now, in 2261, we have people all over the known universe, which has been separated into three tiers.

     The Inner Tier is mostly old money and gets the best supplies; middle class families and blue-collar laborers, the ones that had the resources and money, were able to purchase spots in the First BrimTier which is adequately supplied; the rest, the ones without wealth or influence, and the criminals, were sent to the last, the Second BrimTier, which barely sees any supplies at all. That's where Captain Iain Bryce and his crew come in; they try to help the people of this forsaken tier.

     It isn't an easy endeavor though, they must contend with less benevolent pirates and the CRF, which is like the police for the current government, the Confederational Regime.

The BrimTier Chronicles series is based on the pirate captain, Iain Bryce's journals as a BrimTier pirate aboard the pirate ship Phoenix. See the universe through his eyes and live the action, adventure and romance of the BrimTier pirates.

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The Dark Forest Trilogy


Back of Beyond

"They come from the dark..."

That phrase has haunted Gryphon Blake for thirty-four years. He had convinced himself it was only in his head; then he learns it has also haunted many others. All of whom are now either sick or dead.

Is a mutated viral strain the cause of the climbing death toll?

Callie Summers, a supposed psychic and another haunted by the phrase, says it’s something else and that Gryphon is the key.

The man of science soon finds all his beliefs and convictions being tested. Can he figure out what is really happening before he loses everything?

Kept to the Shadows 

Four orphans and lifelong friends: Wayde, Dell, Cameron and Kyi are being thrust into a world where clothing, meals and housing will no longer be provided; one full of high-bloods that are free to do anything they please to indentured serfs.

At the same time, King Vychan is taking his spoiled son, Crown-prince Acthiel, with him on his annual tour in hopes of making him see serfs aren't his personal playthings.

When unexpected tragedy befalls the kingdom, alliances are questioned, plots are hatched, and the role of the prince and the former orphans will become uncertain.

Cast Into the Light


The Keeper of Secrets                

Seven years ago Prince Kell's world was shattered when his father, King Jace, was killed in a horrible accident, and again a month ago when his mother announced her plans to marry the king's brother, Tobias, who has been acting as regent in the king's place.

Kell knows his mother is doing this to appease the people who feel Atarnia has been without a king too long but he questions his uncle's intentions.

Fate brings him together with Morgan, a guard at the prison colony, Aarguard Keep, who believes the prisoner in cell ten knows something the regent wants kept secret.

Morgan goes to the castle with questions; there he meets Kell, who has been looking for answers of what really happened to his father. Can this prisoner give them both what they want?

Together they embark on a journey to learn the prisoner's secret before it is too late.

Lisa J Comstock


Native of New England that loves to spend time with her family and pets, play poker, listen to music, ride roller coasters, and of course read and write!

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